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We offer our customers a wide range of sea freight products such as containers, ro/ro, breakbulk, heavy lift, as well as consolidation services.
We are able to handle and transport FCL, LCL, Project cargo,
Ro/Ro-cargo and breakbulk goods worldwide. Further we can look back at over 40 years experience when it comes to handling pulp and paper products.
Our agents specializing in sea freight are happy to plan and execute an individually tailored quote. From simple container booking, door-to-door-service, to supply chain optimisation, we are happy to assist you by all means.


For many of our clients it is important to ship their cargo fast and cost-efficiently. Our first class connections enable us to meet their demands and respond to individual requirements.

Our cost-transparent options enable our clients globally to send their goods via air in the most time-efficient and flexible way. We ensure a well-running workflow for our clients.
Besides conventional airfreight, we also offer consolidation services and cargo aircraft charter.
Our state of the art Track & Trace System keeps our customers informed with real-time updates about their shipment.
Our specialised Airfreight staff will be happy to assist you with an individual quote.

We organize transports just in time throughout the whole modal split. The means of transport are chosen depending on customer’s specific requirements. Generally the most economically efficient way will be selected with regards to the customer’s preference.

Project Logistics

Customers from around the world trust us with everything from single heavy lifts, any kind of special transport up to turnkey-deliveries of complete factories and industrial plants in the field of project forwarding. Our own offices abroad and close relationships with transportation and shipping companies enable us to provide tailored services whatever the scale or complexity of the project.

Services available include:

  • Just In Time and Turnkey Delivery
  • In-house Surveyors
  • Global Transport Management
  • Warehousing
  • Route Inspection
  • Permits and Escorts
  • Full and Part Charter of Special Ships (Heavy Lift, Sea-River-Vessels, Heavy-Lift-Pontoons etc.)
  • Transports according to ISO-/SCC-Standards

Other services:

  • Export Packaging, Stowing or Stuffing
  • Worldwide Contacts to Packing Centres
  • Partnerships/cooperation with project forwarding specialists worldwide.
    We are “gold member” in the certified “Project Cargo Network” around the globe.

Forest Products

Leading and focused in Forest Products-Logistics
We are globally renown for our expertise in handling and shipping forest products (pulp, paper, wood/timber).

Handling forest products requires special expertise. We offer customers cost-efficient and damage preventing transportation services. In 2014 we handled more than 700.000 Tons of forest products.

Our highest priority is to provide our customers with reliable, high quality, and cost efficient service, that is tailored to their needs.

With our in-house supply chain analysis we are able to support and optimise the existing supply chain of our customers.


We offer our customers to the option to either optimise their complete supply chain or to only tackle individual sections.

Depending on whether your company needs a flexible or lean supply chain, we find the most cost-efficient solutions that fits your needs best.

Waste Logistics

We transport waste paper and waste plastic by truck in Europe and by container worldwide. This service also includes the documentation of needed certificates and customs declaration.

If requested we can provide “Walking Floor” trucks which meet the individual needs of our customers.


We annually transport more than 350, 000 tons of goods via truck and more than 100, 000 tons by rail.

In the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and Germany we offer barge services. The main commodities for our barge service are forest products.
Project logistics uses trucks as well as special trailers to transport the oversized machinery and equipment, as well as by regular Europe wide barge-transportation, mainly as full barge charters.
Just-In-Time delivery is our normal day-to-day job!



We move containers and trucks in an economic way by using combined transport (Truck/Rail), since we always try to use ecological
transport-modes that reduce Co2 to a minimum.  Punctuality is always the priority for combined transports. For the European combined transports we move trucks by rail and whenever possible use complete container-trains.
Alexander Global Logistics is a shareholder in TCU, Bremen
(Multi Modal Transport Company).


Our Project Logistics and Forest Products divisions move more than 250, 000 tons annually by chartered vessels. Long-lasting partnerships with various shipping lines enable us to provide service with superior quality as well as on time and Just-In-Time deliveries.  The tonnage is checked according to the highest standards before it is fixed for a certain transport.
We have an extensive network of agents and partners Europe wide, as well as globally, on which our customers can rely.


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