Nils Hayenga
Sales Manager Export

•  What do you like best about your job?
Expand your network with people all over the world. Enrich your knowledge about geography and global economical interrelationships. (Bridge the following questions with the previous line) Where is Ouagadougou and how to ship the cargo from the Serbian supplier to this place? Why is there a sudden increase in exports to the US, whereas the import from India shows signs of weakness? And the uncertainty:  Nothing remains the same.

•  What would you recommend to new colleagues in their first week ?
Show sincere interest from the very beginning, in your job, but also in your fellow human beings. Let’s face it; we are all here to make a living. But a good relationship with your colleagues, customers and service providers definitely helps you in your daily work.

•  How do you perceive Work / Life Balance at AGL?
Logistics is no typical nine to five job. Problems have to be solved immediately to avoid delays and extra costs whenever possible. Sometimes this requires extended office hours. You can decide best. When work allows you to compensate extra hours with an early leave, do it.

Karin Oldenburg

•  In your opinion; what distinguishes from other companies?
We work together with passion. Each employee has the possibility to develop his potential without tight limitation.

•  What makes AGL special as an employer to you?
-Our management is always receptive to ideas and suggestions.
-Flat hierarchy, usually it is possible to mediate decisions fast.
-We work together at eye level. We help each other to solve problems or inconveniences.

•  How did your colleagues welcome you?
When I started my new job in year 2012, my colleagues gave me a warm welcome. They supported me and they helped me to find my way. So it was very easy for me to slip into the new job and found very fast acceptance during our customers and providers.


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