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Alexander Global Logistics

We offer our customers services that are tailored to their specific needs.

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Our Vision

We provide creative and innovative solutions to meet the challenges of global logistics. Being an independent logistics service provider headquartered in Bremen, we are known for superior service, effective technologies and our global network. Our team of highly qualified staff members delivers reliable performance and efficiency in the best Hanseatic business tradition.

Locally based – globally connected.

Transport Logistics

We organize transports just in time throughout the whole modal split. The means of transport are chosen depending on customer’s specific requirements. Generally the most economically efficient way will be selected with regards to the customer’s preference.

Transshipment Logistics

Alexander Global Logistics offers transshipment and handling solutions across all world sea-ports and inland ports. The product specification is the key for the selection process of the right facilities and warehouses. Generally, quality is the key principle we act upon, unless otherwise requested by the customer.

Warehousing & Distribution

Ausgerichtet auf die Beschaffenheit und Anforderung der Ware sind europaweit Lagerhäuser höchster Qualität in den Seehäfen sowie im europäischen Inland vorhanden. Diese Qualität der Läger können wir auch in Seehäfen weltweit bieten. Der Transport aus den Lägern erfolgt per Schiene, Straße oder Seeweg. Entsprechende Lagerinformationen, wie die Aufnahme von eventuellen Beschädigungen, entsprechende Berichte, Führung von Lagerbeständen etc. gehören zu unseren täglichen Arbeiten.

Value Added Logistics

For additional shipment requirements, that exceed transport, transshipment, and handling we are happy to offer an all-in solution for our customer’s.
Services such as customs, VAT payments, insurance, and consulting are offered on an individual basis.


19. September 2017

Alexander Global Logistics takes a step forward

25. October 2017

23. October 2017

AGL opens new office in Iran!

New Option For Transport To China


Bürgermeister-Smid-Straße 128
28195 Bremen, Germany
Phone +49 421 566 46-0